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Midwest Bank and Businsses in Pilger Plan Celebration

Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Midwest Bank and Businsses in Pilger Plan Celebration

The Village of Pilger along with numerous businesses in Pilger and Midwest Bank are coming together to celebrate their progress over the past two years.  As part of the celebration, Midwest Bank will host a ribbon cutting for their new facility on Saturday, June 18th at 149 N. Main St. in downtown Pilger.  A short program will begin at 4:30pm with a barbeque and street dance following featuring “The Smoke Ring”.  The public is welcome to attend the event and encouraged to visit many other Pilger businesses throughout the day for the celebration in recognition of the resilience, rebuilding and recovery of everyone who has supported Pilger over the past two years.

"Immediately following the events on June 16, 2014, we were firmly committed to returning to our roots in Pilger.  It is so rewarding to see things finally come together and celebrate our return to Pilger,” said Midwest Bank President & CEO Doug Johnson.  “We are here not only to celebrate our return, but the hard work of so many residents of this community over the past year.  It is our privilege to return to a community that is such a large part of who we are."

The program includes remarks from Johnson as well as U.S. Senator Deb Fischer; Ryan Broker from U.S. Senator Ben Sasse’s office; Bob Cooper, Vice Chairman of the Midwest Bank Board of Directors; Gene Willers, Reinventing Pilger Committee; and Blake Rotherham, Midwest Bank Pilger Market President.

The celebration will kick off at 11:00am on Saturday and will continue with open houses and activities throughout the day.  For a full list of the events for the day, visit www.midwestbank.com or visit Midwest Bank’s Facebook page (facebook.com/midwestbanks).  “The future of Pilger is bright and Midwest Bank is proud to be a part of it,” added Johnson.