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Apple Pay

A convenient and secure way to pay using your iPhone

Tap It. It's that easy!

You no longer have to search for your wallet when checking out. You can now add your Midwest Bank debit or credit card to your iPhone!



How It Works

Instead of using your actual debit or credit card, Apple Pay creates a unique Device Account Number. The unique Device Account Number is encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element, a dedicated chip in your device. When you make a purchase, the Device Account Number and a transaction-specific dynamic security code are used to process the payment. Your actual debit or credit card number is never shared with merchants or transmitted with your payment. 


How To Set Up Apple Pay

Click here to see eligible devices.

Adding a card to your phone

1. Go to Wallet and tap  .

2. Choose the Credit or Debit Card payment option.

3. Scan your card. Please note: This method of adding your card may not work, depending on the card image, if it was printed instant issue, and how worn out the numbers are. 

    The card image you see may not match the actual image on your card

4. Once your card details are displayed, verify that your card information is correct. If details are correct, click next, and your card will be added to your wallet.



Use Anywhere You See These Logos

Simply place your phone over the reader and you can make a payment with the touch of your fingertip.