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Life is hectic, and it's too easy for your bank accounts to get lost in the shuffle.  Wouldn't it be great if you could receive a text message when your account fell below a specified balance?  Or if you were notified when a deposit was posted to your account?  Or were reminded exactly when your loan payment was due?  Now you can, with eAlerts.  It's the best way to monitor your account balances and transactions.

You can choose from a variety of eAlerts:

  • Deposit Alert: receive a text message when a deposit posts to your account.
  • Automatic ACH Deposit Alert:  receive a text message when an ACH deposit is posted to your account (payroll direct deposit)
  • Low Balance Alert: receive a text message when your balance falls below a specified amount.
  • Withdrawal Alert:  receive a text message when a withdrawal is posted to your account.
  • Loan Alerts: receive text messages when your loan payment is due or past due.

These types of alerts not only help you manage your account, but also offer real consumer protection against fraud, ID theft and against unexpected overdrawn accounts.

 Enrollment is easy.  Simply log in to your Online Banking account using a computer to get started. 


When logged in to Online Banking, click the link above your account information that says: You have 0 alert(s); 0 read and 0 unread. 

Click the blue link that says eAlerts

Click Setup New Alert

Proceed through by selecting the alert you wish to set up.  You can set up as many alerts as you want.

Your alerts can be delivered to your email address, mobile phone via text message or to your online banking account.