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We understand it's hard to break up with someone, even a bank. But our team is here for you. 

We can make switching easier for you and get you banking with someone that can finally give you what you need. 

From easy-to-understand checking accounts to lenders that walk through the entire loan process, our dedicated staff knows what it means to provide above-and-beyond customer service. We do it every day. It's who we are. 

Make the switch to Midwest Bank and you'll quickly realize, we're more than a bank. 

Follow these easy steps and use this checklist to make things easier. 


1). Open your new Midwest Bank checking account(s). Visit your local Midwest Bank branch and we'll help you choose the right account. After opening your account, enroll in Online Banking by downloading our app so you can make the most of managing your account from anywhere. 

2) Update your direct deposit information with your employer. A Direct Deposit Authorization Form is available for your convenience. 

3) Stop using your old account. 

4) Update your automatic payments, subscriptions, and pre-authorized bill payments from your old account to your new one. If you need to submit a form to a payee, here is one you can use.

5) Update all of your automated transfers and investments and other linked accounts. 

6) Close your old account. Approximately 4 weeks after switching accounts, you'll be ready to close your old account. Be sure you've received your entire balance, including any accrued interest. You can either contact your former bank to close your old account or you can complete this form and send it to them. 

7) Destroy old documents and forms of payment including debit cards, paper checks, and deposit slips. Monitor your bills and your new account closely for the next few months to ensure you haven't missed anything that might cause a problem or incur a fee. 

If you have any questions, contact us and we're happy to help. Or call any of our branches if you need assistance.